Pipeline Builder

Pipeline Builder

Every organization has critical functions and is always looking to hire high potentials. It would not be smart or time efficient to start your recruitment process all over again. That is why we have created the Pipeline Builder tool. We search, identify and connect with these professionals and can even maintain this talentpool for you. This will have a great positive effect on your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and your Time to Hire.

What is a Pipeline?

Typically defining, the talent pipeline is basically a database which consists of the candidate profiles of all the potential employees who are interested in working with you on a specific vacancy.

These pipelines are very diverse consisting of information about candidates who are sourced, referred or exist through some other source. We will always narrow the radius of a talent pipeline down to a specific area of expertise or skill set, or it may be focused on a broad group of candidates who are expertise in multitasking.

There are four major benefits for using our Pipeline Builder.

  1. Reduce the cost of hiring
  2. Reduce the time spend on hiring
  3. Engage and learn from your high potentials
  4. Get in touch with only the best candidates for you

Would you like to know more about our Pipeline Builder, please send us a message and one of us will call you as soon as possible.